We cordially invite you to the opening of the duo exhibition Flora & The storytelling objects on the 26th of November at 2 pm at EKWC. Chiao-Chih Lu (1994) and Yi-Ling Hung (1987) are two Taiwanese artists who have been conducting their artist-in-residence projects at EKWC since September. They organise this dual exhibition with the intention to present their artworks and to share their working experiences at EKWC to the public. The exhibition can be visited from 25 November till 27 November from 10.00 till 16.00. Free entrance, address below.
Flora is a site-specific participatory art by Chiao-Chih Lu that explores the relational aesthetic and spiritual return of environment and culture, and reflects on the relationship between humans and nature.
Facebook: @Chiao-Chih Julia Lu
Instagram: @chiaochihlu
The storytelling objects
In 2021, Yi-Ling made a storytelling performance I = YOU, a one-on-one storytelling performance. In that work, a conversation was built upon 9 different food ingredients linking to both Yi-Ling and the spectator’s personal stories. The storytelling objects can be seen as the extension from I = YOU, in which Yi-Ling translates the personal food stories into a series of ceramic sculptures.
Facebook: @laboratelier
Visiting address: EKWC, Almystraat 10, 5061PA, Oisterwijk