Thanks to the almost 200 donors, the EKWC was able to build a beautiful space of about 50 m2 within our building, with the aim of creating the right acoustics for all the artists who will come to experience the fascinating relationship between ceramics and sound. The very high ceiling and natural light make the studio a very pleasant place to be. The space was designed to be flexible with removable sound-absorbing panels to meet different acoustic needs.

In our Soundlab, there is an extensive set of measurement microphones as well as a variety of other standard recording microphones. We also have several contact mics that can be applied to any material directly. There are portable speakers, cables to realize most projects with a multichannel (16 input channel, extendable) interface, an in-house computer (you can also use your own), and audio editing software. You can basically record and playback anything. You can perform material testing and tuning, check frequency response, develop musical instruments, ceramic sound devices, you name it!

Interested in doing a residency in our Soundlab; keep an eye on our newsletter or follow us on Instagram. The next open call will be announced in the summer of 2023.