Inger Heeschen |2
Starting date28-07-2022
Ending date19-10-2022
In the practice of Inger Sif Heeschen (DK) globalism, identity and the question of origin are central themes. During her stay in England and in The Netherlands, Heeschen (DK) got intrigued by the strongly present “snack culture”. For La Fontaine du Friture, she dove into the history of snacks and their cultural origins, even throwing a Dutch Snack Party with help from Dutch participants to ignite a conversation on the relation between food, culture and identity. For the second project Delft Double, Heeschen looked at traditional Blue Delftware. In our Fablab she created two-part CNC-milled moulds of archetype Delftware vessels, that can be put together in endless combinations. She made slabs of clay on which she – with the help of Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch silkscreened with glaze, and then press-molded these slabs in the moulds.