Jolita Klein Egelink

Starting date26-05-2022
Ending date18-08-2022
Who doesn’t sometimes dream of making a fresh start in life without any concession to your passions or ideals? Jolita Klein Egelink (NL) graduated from the ceramics department of AKI in Enschede in 1988 and worked as an artist for several years until she found a different job and started a family. Thirty years later, living in New Zealand, she has taken up the challenge of ceramics again. A contribution to the EKWC Soundlab crowdfunding gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her creative powers during a residency in Oisterwijk, where she made several large memorial sculptures. She has tried to make a connection through her sculpture for herself and others with the people in our lives who have passed. The idea is to be with the sculpture by standing on the feet holding the hands and touching their nose with yours. Having a meditative moment while being with your loved one in thought.