Junghun Kim

Starting date23-02-2023
Ending date17-05-2023
Pollution and destruction, capitalist exploitation and mindless consumption lead to degradation of the natural world, inevitably leaving traces in the human soul as well. In the exhibition Breathe a Mending Song into These Earthly Wounds, artist Junghun Kim summons up the Spirit of Geology to chant the woes of the world from a non-human perspective. Using the vocal technique of traditional Korean pansori, the Spirit emphatically pleads with humans to acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything in nature. The exhibition includes two large sculptures Kim made at EKWC. One incorporates multitudes of species in their future co-evolution, while the other invites the audience to contemplate recorded sounds of the five agents of Wuxing philosophy – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – that constantly interact in cycles of destruction and generation.