Leo van Vegchel

Starting date16-11-2023
Ending date14-02-2024
All artworks anticipate the future, from the impact on the audience to the whimsical judgement of time. Leo van Vegchel plays with this anticipation. Fully aware that only change is eternal, he is transforming all the works he still owns to release them into the world. He places his wax, wood or bronze statues into custom-made clay containers which are fired at high temperature. What remains of the pieces stays inside the container; a transfer image refers to their original form. Van Vegchel also traces his drawings with pigmented ink, in order to transfer them onto clay slabs that he shapes into ceramic scrolls. He gives away everything, asking people to bury the works in anonymous places. Relying on the durability of ceramics, he turns his work into enigmatic objects for future archaeologists to find, a laborious project that recognises and defies transience in a single gesture.