Manita Kieft |2
Starting date27-10-2022
Ending date25-01-2023
In recent years Manita Kieft (NL) has gotten more and more concerned with alarming current events, such as floodings, bushfires, earthquakes, and war, inevitably intruding her life through the daily news. During the covid lockdown, Kieft build her own library of photos taken from television screens showing grim images of disasters. She chose ceramics for its long history as (political) message bearers, which can stand the test of time and are still found in excavations today. At the EKWC Kieft focused on the field of tension of the transformation from photo to form, from 2- to 3-dimensionality, and how the images relate to not only the shape but also to the glaze application. Kieft used plaster casting molds, Styrofoam press-in-molds, and 3d printing techniques. The images were transferred using decals.