Jiajia Qi

Starting date02-03-2023
Ending date24-05-2023

Jiajia Qi’s first interest is in architectural space and the way her works can transform it. The past few years, she increasingly used light, reflections and transparent materials, so working with ceramics for the first time asked quite some adjustments. If a piece doesn’t come out of the kiln the way you intended, you just have to make it again. Qi did a lot of tests to find the most reflective glazes. Her residency was as much about the learning process as it was about the works she made. One is a large dish, with a magnificent blue glaze that reflects the light in small sparks that seem to run across the ribbed surface like electric pulses in a circuit or impulses through the brain. She also made a series of large very flat discs meant to reflect light in an installation she will be building later.