Yu-Ping Kuo

Starting date09-09-2021
Ending date01-12-2021

Yu Ping Kuo (TW) imagined a humid and warm world with a large sculpture at the center, a large tree made of clay with its roots firmly coiled in a base made of earth. However, the base is not only a huge square body, the interior is made up of numerous interconnected spaces and holes, just like an ant’s nest, an organic and complex underground Babylon. The simple, yet strange appearance born in a humid, fertile and weird land where trees are not the trees we think they are, ants are not the ants we know, people are not people, and gods are not gods.
The white tree trunk is painted with two strange embryo-like images; a blend of the characters in Kuo’s paintings and the bodhisattvas worshipped in many temples in Taiwan, each in their own way and at ease.