Mirthe Klück

Starting date20-10-2022
Ending date18-01-2023

Painter Mirthe Klück (NL) is driven by a deep curiosity about how materials work together, respond to each other, and give meaning to the work. During a trip to Japan and the ceramic villages Karatsu and Hagi, coming across their non-figurative, abstract approach to glazing, she recognized overlaps with her own work. Klück – intrigued by physics and transformation – wanted to learn how the clay and glaze particles react to each other to create color. The shapes she chose function mainly as carriers for the glazes but also refer to candy that often also has a seductive, glossy surface and intriguing sculptural qualities. In her gum-sculptures, she let her teeth create the sculptures by chewing on gum, which were then 3d scanned and digitally translated into molds.