Suzie van Staaveren
Starting date15-12-2022
Ending date15-03-2023

When Suzie van Staaveren was commissioned to create two sculptures for a restricted area of the Den Bosch Palace of Justice, she was faced with a challenge. One of the conditions of the assignment was that the work should not evoke strong emotions. Van Staaveren solved this by focussing on formal elements of the architecture, in line with the vision of architect Charles Vandenhove who made art an integral part of the building. The resulting sculptures mirror the characteristic columns from the monumental public staircase. One is a partial replica in felt, hanging upside down from the ceiling; the other consists of a series of suspended ceramic rings – made at EKWC – that represent the columns’ various measures. Partly extruded, partly press-moulded, the rings were glazed in different shades of blue to allow a subtle play of nearness and distance.