Takumi Morozumi

Starting date14-07-2022
Ending date05-10-2022

Words can impact the world and the way we perceive it. This belief, expressed in the Japanese concept of kotodama (word spirit), became the focus of Takumi Morozumi’s work at EKWC after the unexpected loss of a loved one. He created 49 ceramic spheres of different sizes in the 49 days following their departure, which, according to the Buddhist tradition Morozumi grew up in, is also the period a deceased person spends in a transitionary state before their rebirth. The spheres carry benevolent words or short expressions in Japanese characters, like ‘hope’, ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’. The presentation of the spheres gave Morozumi the opportunity to investigate ma, the concept of meaning and emotion evoked by negative space in our surroundings.