Yannick Ganseman

Starting date08-12-2022
Ending date09-03-2023

How to deal in a spontaneous painterly way with ceramics and glazes? To answer this question, Yannick Ganseman strove to stay away from technical conventions and neat representation. As a result, the works he made during his EKWC residency have the perfect feel of ‘quick and dirty’ improvisations that almost incidentally manage to capture something essential, even if his subjects are as cliché as a still life, a bird on a branch or a pony in a field. Ganseman sculpts many of his works in bas-relief, adding unexpected depth and shades to the tableaux that have been glazed with subdued engobes. They evoke the strange sensation that intangible memories or images are not just in a process of materialisation, but are coming to life in front of your eyes.