Maga Berr

Maria Eugenia Moya Martinez

Maria Eugenia Martinez Moya (PE) has a complex relationship with her body, as many women do. She wondered if she could make the body more appreciated by making it useful, to create something beautiful and functional from it. She worked on three projects; a series of large vessels she hugged during different stages in the drying process, deriving from missing human touch during the covid restrictions. For the second project, she traced the outlines of different parts of her body such as her face, chest, and a full silhouette. These outlines were revolved in a digital drawing program from which press-in molds were created in Styrofoam. The scale was determined so that after the drying and firing process the size of the vases matched Moya’s actual size. For the last project, Moya created casting molds for “fingergraters”, a project she will continue after her residency.